Data Protection

In the fourth Industrial Revolution, Information is mainly in electronic form. But how safe is that data? This is where we come in to assist you with the ever growing problems of dealing with Data that is generated on Computers and Mobile devices. We have Solutions that will mitigate all sorts of risks when handling such Data.

Network Management

We design, build, optimize and support Next Generation Networks. Once a Computer Network is in operation, constant Management is required. Our Team of qualified Network Engineers have the necessary skills to keep your Network running all the time.


When Tradition Telephone System meets Information Technology in the form of VOIP, we have Telephony. With Telephony, our ability to communicate is highly enhanced. Communication can become unified across all platforms. Think of being able to use just one App to make phone calls, send messages (Fax, E-mails & Instant Messages). Lowering the cost of commination and integrating many technologies in one single Platform is the promise of Telephony.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud represents Data Centres that run very powerful Servers where you can put your workload. With Cloud Computing, a Business does no more need to invest in expensive servers to carry out its operational goals. We have good Cloud Platforms where you can run your ERP’s and other BCA’s (Business Critical Applications).

End-user Computing

We have a variety of ICT Solutions that may be suitable to the work style of your Organization. The Desktop Computer is the most preferred way of using Computers. But what about Thin Clients? Or Web based Applications that will require just a Web browser? If you need assistance in choosing the way that your users will interact with your Business Applications, we’ll be here to implement your choice.

Business Applications

Smart Businesses choose Applications that connect with their Organizational Goals. We have Systems such as ERP’s, CRM’s or Groupware Suites that may be integrated in your Business Model. Before adopting our Business Application, we’ll have to get a clear understanding of your requirements. Then follows a PoC (Proof Of Concept) during which, we’ll demonstrate the features and abilities of our Solution. Once all is agreed, we implement, then support and finally optimize the solution.

Content Management

Our developers are well qualified to handle any requirements with regards to the design, the optimization and publishing of your digital content on the Internet or on an Intranet.

Integrated ICT Services

Whether your Organization is a Start-Up or a fully established one, we have ICT Solutions & Services that have been specially packaged to make it very easy to use. In a single deal, we can bring you all you require on the ICT part to run your Business.

ICT Support

All our Implementations are backed by a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA). We can also offer you a good Support deal on your ICT Systems that we did not implement. Prices are subject to an initial assessment and complexity of the System that must be supported together with our response time.