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DorTeg Networks came into existence in September 2000 with the sole purpose of guiding organizations of any size reach full growth by the adoption of the correct ICT Infrastructure that supports their operational goals.Since then, we’ve successfully assisted many verticals to align ICT Systems with business goals resulting in a significant growth and stability.

We design, implement and support ICT Infrastructures geared to adapt with the ever changing business environment and also stay in line with the chosen business goals.

In ICT Infrastructure, no one size fits all. So our engagements with a prospect start with an understanding of his business model. Once that is cleared, a solution is proposed which will maximize production and growth.

To avoid customer dissatisfaction, poor performance and tarnishing of our reputation; this first step cannot be ignored or rushed through.

When choosing DorTeg Networks as your preferred ICT Infrastructure Partner, you’ll be sure to work with a team of experienced men and women. Our team is well skilled in project management, has subject matter specialists, and uses industry best practice. We also have a vast array of vendor partners that is an extension of skills that our team does not have.

Connect with us today to begin a fast transformation of your ICT Infrastructure to bring growth and change in your business.

Here is what we can do today to begin a fast transformation of your ICT Infrastructure to bring growth and change in your business.


We adapt our ICT Solutions to your Business Model.


We are fully responsible for making our Systems bring results.

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We have an uncompromising approach to quality service delivery.

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We'll never rest until the Job is done.

Team Work

We put at your disposal an experienced team of Men and Women.