Unified Communication System that will save you money and time

Our Unified Communication System is designed to address the needs of any Business or Organisation that is looking at being efficient in communicating with clients and partners and at the same saving money and time. 

Internet Protocol (IP) Telephone System is now the new standard on modern Phone Systems.
When you acquire your new Phone System with us, it will be a VOIP one with feature rich and ready to serve.

We have the technologies to build the best IP-PBX, Call Centre, Instant Messaging System. In the Cloud or on-Site deployment, you choose.

Unified Communication System

DorTeg Networks has partnered with leading Software and Hardware Vendors to deliver a high end Unified Communication System.
With this System, we are taking the full responsibility in ensuring that you will make a 15 to 35% savings on your total Telecommunication expenses. 

Our System has the following features

  • VOIP ready, with low call rates on any destination (Fixed, Mobile, Local & International)
  •  Can be connected to GSM & Fixed Telephone Networks (MTN, Vodacom, Cell-C, Telkom & Neotel)
  •  Unlimited Extensions
  •  Pin Code to prevent abuse
  •  SMS, Fax, E-mail & Chats
  •  IVR (Press 1 for accounts, 2 for registration … etc.)
  • After hours service
  •  Remote extensions (on Cell phone, normal phone, PC Laptop or Tablet)
  •  Ring Groups
  • Call Queue
  • Call recording
  • Conference Call
  •  Call forwarding
  •  Paging
  • Intercom
  • Voice Mail
    After hours service (optional)
  • Compatible with major IP-Phone brands
  • More features are available, but on request
Unified Communication System